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Exterior Services

Express Exterior 
A general maintenance detail typically used between Full EZN Details to prolong the life of the protective coating, wax, or sealants. Ideal for vehicles that are professionally detailed on a regular basis.

Elite Exterior 
Provides a thorough cleaning of previously waxed, sealed, or coated vehicles. Ideal for vehicles that have been professionally detailed in the past 2-6 months and need a little more attention than a regular maintenance detail.

Full EZN Exterior 
By far our most popular and thorough package, the Full EZN Exterior is typically an annual service that keeps your vehicle's paint protected from harsh elements.

Full EZN with Paint Enhancement 
Adds depth and clarity to paint that is starting to show age or damage. It is a “one-step” polish and seal that removes faint swirls and slight fading. It will not remove deeper scratches or etching caused by improper maintenance. It will give aged paint a nice gloss and protection.

Full EZN Step 2 Paint Enhancement 
Removes 85-90% of all minor marring, swirls, and hard water etching with a “two-step” polish. Leaves paint with a glossier and reflective finish while protecting it from future damage. It will not remove deep scratches or clear coat failure.

Full EZN with Multi-Step Paint Correction 
The ultimate detail experience. Each body panel is polished to a swirl and blemish free finish. Ideal for the most meticulous and detail-minded car enthusiast. With the amount of time and work spent on your vehicle, most choose this package with the protective option of ceramic coating.

Exterior Add-On Services

  • Windshield Water Repellent Treatment 
  • Steam and Black Out Engine Bay 
  • Undercarriage Clean 
  • Extra Dirty Exterior Fee-Estimate Required
  • Ceramic Coat All Painted and Plastic Body Panels
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Plastic Trim Restoration
  • Window Water Spot Removal
  • Heavy Clay Bar
  • Ceramic Coat All Exterior Glass
  • Ceramic Coat All Wheels